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Winnipeg LGBTQ Wedding Photography




Even though Canada is one of the most progressive countries for gay rights and was one of the first to allow same sex marriages, marriage equality remains a long way off.  Same sex weddings hold a special place in my heart. They feel like a triumphant culmination of the LBGTQ community's years of struggle. My best friend went through a long period of difficulty before finally coming out. Queer love stories should be valued, and I will tell yours with sensitivity and honesty.


Hiring a Same Sex Wedding Photographer is all about giving you a fun, stress-free wedding day while capturing all of the laughs, smiles, and magical moments of the day to last a lifetime. You want someone who will make you feel at ease in front of the camera, who is fun, and who will capture all of those amazing in-between candid moments, too!


My name is Teri, and I'm a Winnipeg-based Documentary Wedding Photographer who uses a candid, natural style to tell the story of your special day. A big part of my ethos at TAG Photography is making people feel comfortable enough to share their love stories with me so that we can share them with the rest of the world and inspire others to do the same. I place such a high value on representation that I proudly support the Black Lives Matter movement, honour our Indigenous roots and community, and wholeheartedly support everyone and every body, regardless of size, colour, shape, or form of love.

Why do I love being a same sex wedding photographer? Because love is love, and love triumphs!  I'd be hard pressed to find another type of wedding that sheds so many tears and shows so much emotion. Same-sex marriage couples frequently have incredible love stories. I want to hear everything because it will result in a more connected wedding photography experience. I strongly encourage you to contact me and tell me your story. It's critical for me to comprehend your love, its ups and downs, and how you came to be married.

If you have any questions about LGBTQ weddings, or you like my style and would like to discuss with me about being your wedding photographer, please contact me by clicking the Contact button below or call me on (204) 295-6417


In bridal blogs, magazines, and possibly other places, this type of photography may be referred to as a reportage photography or someone who captures the day in a photojournalistic manner, however, it all simply comes down to the same thing. A documentary photographer is someone who candidly captures the day, using non-posed natural photography to tell the story of your day from beginning to end. There will be no interrupting or requesting that people say cheese. It's just the photographer sneaking around with their camera, capturing all the incredible real-life moments that would otherwise be missed.
That's not to say that a documentary photographer doesn't capture staged photography with the couple, and bridal party; they do, but you're hiring someone who can do more. From the couple getting dressed to the after party, a documentary wedding photographer captures every part of your amazing wedding day.

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