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Embracing Love and Diversity: Winnipeg LGBTQ+ Wedding Photography

Capturing Love and Diversity: LGBTQ+ Wedding Photography in Winnipeg


Embrace Your Unique Love: Winnipeg's LGBTQ+ Wedding Photography


Even in Canada's progressive landscape for gay rights and its early adoption of same-sex marriages, true marriage equality remains an ongoing journey. The significance of same-sex weddings resonates deeply with me. They symbolize a triumphant culmination of the LGBTQ+ community's struggles. Having witnessed my best friend's arduous journey to self-acceptance, I understand the value of cherishing queer love stories. My commitment is to tell your story with sensitivity and authenticity.

Crafting Your Memorable Day: The Essence of Same-Sex Wedding Photography

Choosing a Same-Sex Wedding Photographer is about securing a joyful, stress-free wedding day, brimming with laughter, smiles, and enchanting moments meant to be cherished forever. You deserve someone who makes you comfortable in front of the lens, a photographer who brings a sense of fun, and who captures those candid, extraordinary moments that weave the tale of your love.

I am Teri, a Documentary Wedding Photographer rooted in Winnipeg. My approach is characterized by candid, natural photography, as I strive to chronicle the essence of your special day. At TAG Photography, my ethos centers on cultivating an environment where love stories flourish, stories that inspire others to embrace and share their unique narratives. I am devoted to embracing diversity and fostering representation, supporting Black Lives Matter, honoring Indigenous heritage, and championing all forms of love.

Why LGBTQ+ Wedding Photography Matters to Me

Love knows no boundaries, and its triumphs deserve to be celebrated. As an LGBTQ+ wedding photographer, I am drawn to the tears, the emotions, and the profound connections that unfold during same-sex weddings. These unions often encompass remarkable love stories, each narrating a journey worth telling. I invite you to share your story – its highs, lows, and the path that led you to this remarkable moment.

The Essence of Documentary Wedding Photography

Documentary wedding photography, often known as reportage or photojournalistic photography, encapsulates the day candidly. No staged poses, no interruptions. It's about preserving the genuine narrative from beginning to end. This approach captures the candid, unscripted moments that might otherwise fade away. While staged photos with couples and the bridal party are integral, a documentary wedding photographer delves deeper, documenting every facet of your remarkable day.

Let's connect and discuss your unique LGBTQ+ wedding needs. Your love story matters, and I am here to bring it to life through the lens of authenticity and emotion.

Contact me by clicking the button below or call (204) 295-6417 to discuss LGBTQ+ weddings, your vision, or to explore how I can be part of your wedding photography journey.

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