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Photography and Catering Services

Need event catering as well as a photographer? Look no further than Master Chef Canada's season 6 finalist Cryssi Larocque. TAG Photography and Cryssi's Tiny Kitchen have teamed up to provide photography and catering services for dinner parties and special events


About Cryssi Larocque

Meet Cryssi, the creative force behind Cryssi's Tiny Kitchen. With over 15 years of experience, she's been curating unforgettable culinary experiences through catering for dinner parties and special events.

Having honed her skills at renowned establishments like Cramptons (WPG) and Daytonas (TBay), Cryssi's culinary prowess shines through, even earning her soups a spot at Oma's Bakeshop. Notably, she clinched the 4th position on Master Chef Canada Season 6, showcasing her exceptional talents.

Originally hailing from Thunder Bay and now proudly residing in Winnipeg, Cryssi's passion for flavors and presentation is evident in every dish she creates.

Explore her delectable creations on Instagram at Cryssi's Tiny Kitchen and for inquiries about our photography and catering services, don't hesitate to reach out for more information.


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