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Winnipeg Pets And Dog Photography




We love our pets, and they love us back. We love to show off their characters and personalities and capturing this as a portrait or running around the yard our at a park, is the best way to do that.

Pet photography is hugely popular, in particular dog photography, and it is so much fun, with an almost limitless variety of results ranging from the crazy and hilarious, to sentimental and moving.

The same as our families or kids, we want to show off our pets’ identity and individuality which may include any belongings or toys they have. So for Doug The Pug’s dog portrait, bring his neck scarf and chew toy, and for Patricia The Persian’s cat portrait, bring her favourite cushion or sponge mouse.

Of course, none of this is compulsory. Your idea of the perfect dog photograph might be your dog running around the park, or a simplistic black and white, with no props or objects. I suit the session around your needs.

You may think your pet is unruly or too chaotic to bring for a photoshoot. Don’t worry, I am vastly experienced with various dogs of all breeds and sizes, and with pets in general. If you think your pet won't stay still or behave, I have a few tricks up my sleeves to get their attention and make them look like Professionals.

When looking for a pet photographer in Winnipeg choose a photographer that has experience working with pets, someone who can make the experience fun for both you and the pet, and someone who has patience. Similar to children, Pets aren't always cooperative. Each pet photographer will have their own style, so choose a photographer whose style you like. Someone who will create photographs that are unique and imaginative, as opposed to those that you could take yourself.

TAG Photography has extensive experience capturing pets, and collaborates with the small dog breed rescue, Cupcakes Pommy & Friends Rescue, capturing photos of rescued dogs.


If you like my photographs and style I would be honored to be your pet photographer. I hope to meet your pets soon!

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